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Chicago, IL

April 26th 2018
Drury Lane Oakbrook Terrace

Why Attend?

With a full day of disaster restoration seminars and expert speakers from a diverse range of fields, our conference will teach you the skills to prepare and position your company to lead more effectively so as to meet the challenges of today’s and the future of disaster and restoration environment.

A spur for you to challenge your current business and leadership practices

An opportunity for personal and professional growth

Peer-to-Peer networking with Senior Executives and experts

An unparalleled, diverse roster of world class business thought leaders

Practical ideas to help you prepare your organization

A space to reflect, refresh, and rethink

A blend of real world, hands on experience, with rigorous academic analysis

Learn about business continuity plans & procedures

Today’s most relevant disaster preparedness and recovery topics and trends

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What Topics Can You Expect From The Disaster Summits?

Natural disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes affect people and businesses each year.  Knowing what the risks are and being able to help mitigate impending hazards will help those to take effective steps to prepare beforehand and aid in post-disaster recovery.

The identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks sets the stage to properly minimize, monitor and control the impact of unfortunate events.  The objective of risk management is an attempt at minimizing the impact of both natural and unnatural disasters.

Properly managing incidents are prudent to preclude them from escalating into emergencies and returning to business as usual. Being able to identify, analyze, and correct are key elements to Incident Management.

Learn how to position your company to be easily qualified and accepted by all the managed repair programs in the industry. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various managed repair program models.

Every year, disasters destroy billions of dollars worth of property. Having the ability to leverage technology and resources to rapidly respond effectively to these situations allows you to cover the most ground in the least amount of time.

Learn about other avenues of revenue which can be easily incorporated into existing business practices.  Get first hand knowledge on what it takes to grow your revenue, achieve higher profits by familiarizing yourself with new services and markets.

Learn about new weather technology that is able to accurately predict severe weather down to the actual street and how to harness this data to gain access to quality consumer prospects and protect your current customer base.

Social media has changed the way that information is disseminated and how companies react and communicate with consumers.  Gain insight on how your company can use social media to communicate with potential customers.

The restoration industry has experienced a tough few years.  With this sector now in the upswing, many business are confronted with challenges and opportunities.  Get current on industry trends, market conditions and advancements in fire, water, hazmat and new roofing restoration technologies.


Our full day summit will be featuring a large variety seminars on restoration management and recovery

Registration Opens. Breakfast Served. Exhibitor Hall Opens.

1 Hour

Moderator: Orientation and Introduction of Event’s Speakers

15 Mins

Dave Carlson, Co-Founder/President MetLoop Precision Weather Technologies

What You Can You to Get An Advantage Over Your Competitors

Utilizing weather technology to maintain and maximize business.

  • Where are you focused when severe weather is approaching.
  • Protecting your customer base.
  • Use weather technology as a significant marketing advantage.


Dave Carlson, Co-Founder/President MetLoop Precision Weather Technologies

Jim Thompson - Jim Thompson Company, LLC. & Ryan Peacock, RPI, LLC

The Difference Between Commercial-Industrial Losses and Small Losses

Setting up your company’s systems to perform on large loss projects.

  • What is a large loss – What is large to one restoration contractor is not to another.
  • Do you really want to jump into the large loss end of the pool?
  • Who are the real clients on large losses and who do they listen to?
  • Marketing large commercial losses. How to position your company to be a player.


Jim Thompson - Jim Thompson Company, LLC. & Ryan Peacock, RPI, LLC


15 Mins

Anurag Jain, Senior Principal Thornton Tomasetti, Inc.

Structure Performance during a Disaster

Understanding how buildings respond to environmental and man-made loads.

  • Interaction of buildings with extreme winds, earthquakes, flooding and other hazards.
  • Looking beyond the obvious to properly investigate damage from an event.
  • Interface between repairs and building code / local regulations.
  • How to interpret the engineers reports and challenge the findings when inaccurate.

30 Mins

Anurag Jain, Senior Principal Thornton Tomasetti, Inc.

Robert Storment CIH, CHMM SRP Environmental, LLC.

Industrial Hygiene Post Catastrophe: The mission critical importance of a Qualified CIH Firm

The liability associated with what you can’t see.  What a qualified CIH firm with large loss experience brings

  • Moisture mapping, thermal imaging, asbestos, lead and other hazardous material testing.
  • Looking beyond the obvious to properly investigate water-fire-smoke-soot damage from an event.
  • Interface between restoration contractor, public adjuster, insurance adjuster and clients.
  • Protocol Development, Project Management for pre, monitoring and post loss assessments.

30 Mins

Robert Storment CIH, CHMM SRP Environmental, LLC.


1 Hour

Barry Morris Co-Founder/CEO Drone University USA

Understanding and Using Advanced Aerial Technology in Disaster Response

Learn what it takes to get FAA certified and leap ahead of the competition

  • How can a drone benefit your operations and increase your bottom-line.
  • How to take the proper steps to insure safety, insurance and compliance in all air space.

1 Hour

Barry Morris Co-Founder/CEO Drone University USA

Steve Thomas – Robert Wright

Roofing and Waterproofing Forensics Expert Panel of Speakers

Finding and hiring the right consultants to insure a properly documented impact analysis.

  • Credibility is critical on each and every claim.
  • Testing processes and material testing labs available in the industry.
  • Hiring the right people to handle your project when the storm is over.
  • Challenging the reports of other engineers and when appraisal is not an option.

30 Mins

Steve Thomas – Robert Wright

Jeffrey Major, President - Wade Tutt, President – Bob Levin, President Skyline Adjusters - Paramount Adjusters – Adjusters International

When to Hire a Public Adjuster, Demand Appraisal and the Insurance industry response to limiting storm claims (Panel Discussion Q&A)

  • UPPA---Adjusters v. Contractors---Aren’t we all on the same side?
  • The value proposition---what is the value added by hiring a PA?
  • Appraisal—Is it a quicker way to resolve claims? How do you properly invoke it?
  • Must you litigate to receive top dollar?

30 Mins

Jeffrey Major, President - Wade Tutt, President – Bob Levin, President Skyline Adjusters - Paramount Adjusters – Adjusters International

Wade Baughn, Vice President American Home Specialist – GAF Consultant

Xactimate Estimating Techniques that can Drastically Impact Your Bottom Line

Looking beyond the repair to identify what you have been missing on your scopes every day.

  • When replacement is necessary and a repair will not do.
  • The art of line item estimating, supplementing to time and material pricing.
  • How codes, manufacturer specification and material testing is your friend.

30 Mins

Wade Baughn, Vice President American Home Specialist – GAF Consultant


15 Mins

LC Nussbeck MadSky, Inc.

Catastrophe Managed Repair – Are You Up to the Challenge

Participating in a Managed Repair Program focused on catastrophes.

  • Difference in daily and catastrophe Managed Repair.
  • Damage assessment skills.
  • Customer experience is #1.
  • Quality installations and maximizing profit.
  • How managed repair is changing the future landscape.

30 Mins

LC Nussbeck MadSky, Inc.

Doug Uneberg - Storm Nation – National Insurance Restoration Directory

Storm Nation Education Platform – Building Your Future Empire

Finding and hiring the right people that match your core values.

  • Hiring and training a winning sales team to insure maximum results.
  • Aligning your company with the right organizations for your business development.
  • Hiring the right people to handle your warranty work when the storm is over.
  • Training your sales team to handle the sale, build and collect model.

30 Mins

Doug Uneberg - Storm Nation – National Insurance Restoration Directory

All Speakers Panel Discussion

What keeps you up at night – Ask the Experts

This is your opportunity to ask the questions you always wanted.

  • Typical coverage’s and exclusions relative to fire, water, hail, wind and other peril losses.
  • Proper steps in becoming an independent insurance adjuster or public insurance adjuster.
  • How the MRP are impacting the restoration industry, the good the bad and the ugly.
  • Assignment of Benefits – Power of Attorney – Lien and Collection Procedures.

30 Mins

All Speakers Panel Discussion

(4:15 – 4:30pm) CLOSING REMARKS

15 Mins


1.5 Hours

Jim Johnson - Jim Thompson and Co., LLC

Two Day Large Loss Marketing Workshop – $1295 (A $200 savings)

Subjects to be covered:

  1. Where am I going? Company Large Commercial/Industrial Losses Goals,
  2. Area of Control-Services
  3. PR Area Control for large commercial/industrial losses.
  4. Where to Market to obtain major losses, RIMS, PLRB, Disaster Recovery etc.
  5. Sales and Sales Prospecting for major commercial/industrial losses.
  6. What training and equipment is needed to prepare for major water, fire and mold losses
  7. How to Mobilize for major losses
  8. Estimating major losses & Pricing
  9. Contracts signed on Major Losses. How clean is clean?
  10. Job Site Hazard Analysis on Major losses
  11. Crew Safety and OSHA Requirements
  12. Pecking order.  Who is my real boss?
  13. Pricing and verification
  14. Handling both the Technical and Job Site Political aspects of major losses
  15. Emergency Invoicing (Use their money for your job expenses)
  16. Who is going to clean up this mess?- Job manpower.
  17. What size of equipment and generators are required.
  18. How to run the jobs. How dry is dry?
  19. Sign-offs. Who did I make happy?
  20. Certificates of Sat
  21. Demobilizing
  22. Decontamination
  23. Billing of the job & Getting Paid!
  24. References and referrals
  25. Continued business

May 26th-27th

Jim Johnson - Jim Thompson and Co., LLC

Barry Morris - Drone University USA

Small UAV/Drone Commercial, Remote Pilot Training & Certification Course – $595

The 107 SUAS Remote Pilot license is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirement to fly drones commercially for inspections and is the only FAA license that does not require a practical flight (proof of flying skills) test. Preparing for and passing the part 107 Remote Pilot exam is only the beginning, you must understand how to operate in different airspace, changing weather conditions, aircraft limitations, distractions and more. How are you going to learn the skills to really be able to show up at a job and be ready to fly in different conditions? Taught by a nationally recognized and award winning FAA certified flight instructor with over 32 years and thousands of hours of flight experience, Drone University USA is offering a one day training to be much more than just giving you the information you need to pass your 107 test, that’s just the beginning.  With DUU, you’ll learn how to apply the 107 in the real world to become a safe and profitable UAV Remote Pilot.  After completion of the training, we’ll help you enroll at your home location to take the test and get flying legally right away.  Here’s what you’ll get in our 1 day course:

  • 9 hours of intense classroom training
  • Applicable regulations relating to sUAS rating privileges, limitations, and flight operation
  • Airspace classification, operating requirements, and flight restrictions affecting small UAV operation
  • Aviation weather sources and effects of weather on small UAV performance
  • Small UAV loading and performance
  • Emergency procedures & protocols
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Radio communication procedures
  • Determining the performance of small UAV’s
  • Physiological effects of drugs and alcohol
  • Aeronautical Decision-Making (ADM) and judgment
  • Airport operations
  • Maintenance and preflight inspection procedures of your UAV
  • Real life scenario training
  • Privacy & legal issues you need to know including insurance requirements
  • Drone University USA Certificate of Compliance & Completion

May 26th

Barry Morris - Drone University USA

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