What keeps you up at night – Ask the Experts

This is your opportunity to ask the questions you always wanted.

  • Typical coverage’s and exclusions relative to fire, water, hail, wind and other peril losses.
  • Proper steps in becoming an independent insurance adjuster or public insurance adjuster.
  • How the MRP are impacting the restoration industry, the good the bad and the ugly.
  • Assignment of Benefits – Power of Attorney – Lien and Collection Procedures.

Storm Nation Education Platform – Building Your Future Empire

Finding and hiring the right people that match your core values.

  • Hiring and training a winning sales team to insure maximum results.
  • Aligning your company with the right organizations for your business development.
  • Hiring the right people to handle your warranty work when the storm is over.
  • Training your sales team to handle the sale, build and collect model.

Catastrophe Managed Repair – Are You Up to the Challenge

Participating in a Managed Repair Program focused on catastrophes.

  • Difference in daily and catastrophe Managed Repair.
  • Damage assessment skills.
  • Customer experience is #1.
  • Quality installations and maximizing profit.
  • How managed repair is changing the future landscape.

Roofing and Waterproofing Forensics Expert Panel of Speakers

Finding and hiring the right consultants to insure a properly documented impact analysis.

  • Credibility is critical on each and every claim.
  • Testing processes and material testing labs available in the industry.
  • Hiring the right people to handle your project when the storm is over.
  • Challenging the reports of other engineers and when appraisal is not an option.