Two Day Large Loss Marketing Workshop – $1295 (A $200 savings)

Subjects to be covered:

  1. Where am I going? Company Large Commercial/Industrial Losses Goals,
  2. Area of Control-Services
  3. PR Area Control for large commercial/industrial losses.
  4. Where to Market to obtain major losses, RIMS, PLRB, Disaster Recovery etc.
  5. Sales and Sales Prospecting for major commercial/industrial losses.
  6. What training and equipment is needed to prepare for major water, fire and mold losses
  7. How to Mobilize for major losses
  8. Estimating major losses & Pricing
  9. Contracts signed on Major Losses. How clean is clean?
  10. Job Site Hazard Analysis on Major losses
  11. Crew Safety and OSHA Requirements
  12. Pecking order.  Who is my real boss?
  13. Pricing and verification
  14. Handling both the Technical and Job Site Political aspects of major losses
  15. Emergency Invoicing (Use their money for your job expenses)
  16. Who is going to clean up this mess?- Job manpower.
  17. What size of equipment and generators are required.
  18. How to run the jobs. How dry is dry?
  19. Sign-offs. Who did I make happy?
  20. Certificates of Sat
  21. Demobilizing
  22. Decontamination
  23. Billing of the job & Getting Paid!
  24. References and referrals
  25. Continued business