Robert Storment

Robert Storment, CIH, CHMM is the Health and Safety Manager for SRP Environmental, LLC of Shreveport, Louisiana.  Mr. Storment has over twenty-six (26) years of experience in the EHS Industry.  Mr. Storment has extensive experience and expertise in Indoor Air Quality, Hazardous Materials, Industrial Hygiene, OSHA Training, Emergency Response and Bioterrorism training/readiness. Mr. Storment has also been accepted as an Expert Witness as an Industrial Hygienist and Safety Professional.

Mr. Storment has over eighteen (18) years experience as an EHS Consultant.  During this period, Mr. Storment has provided services such  as Industrial Hygiene Exposure Monitoring, Ergonomic Assessments, Risk Assessments and Exposure Modeling, Hazardous Materials Management, Emergency Response Program Development and Implementation, OSHA Compliance Training, Environmental Permit Development and Submittal (Air, Water, Solid/Hazardous Waste), and Workers Compensation Program Development.  Mr. Storment has developed SRP Environmental’s Catastrophe Response Industrial Hygiene Program which has been implemented in over 100 large loss events.

Mr. Storment also worked as Manager Industrial Hygiene/Health Services for International Paper Company in Bastrop, Louisiana.  His responsibilities for this 1200 employee pulp and paper mill included Industrial Hygiene Program Manager, Hazardous Waste Program Manager, Safety and Environmental Training, Management of the Medical Department (direct supervision of five (5) Occupational Health nurses and the Emergency Response Team), Ergonomics Risk Assessment Team Leader, Radiation Safety Officer, Laser Safety Officer, Corporate Environmental Audit Team, Corporate Industrial Hygiene Audit Team and Corporate Safety Audit Team.  Mr. Storment also assisted the Engineering department with Process Safety Management and the site’s Risk Management Program.

Anurag Jain

Anurag Jain from Thornton and Tomasetti will be speaking at the Disaster Summits. He is one of the greats in the Engineering World and a partner at Thornton Tomasetti.

Jim Thompson

For over 25 years, Jim and his company worked all over the USA on large commercial losses and disasters in 43 states and Puerto Rico,

Specializing in Fire, Water, Flood, Mold, Bio-Hazard Contamination. Jim personally handled losses on over 250 Shopping malls and large box-marts as well as factories and large buildings. Using a lifetime of large loss experience, Jim works with restoration company owners and managers to show them marketing and sales approaches to securing larger commercial losses in their area and then how to get paid for their work without playing “Let’s Make a Deal” 90 days later.

Now, Jim is now a Commercial Disaster Restoration Consultant and expert witness for restoration companies, risk managers and insurance companies. Jim also is Weapons of Mass Destruction Disaster Site Worker Trainer for the University of South Florida’s OTI. Jim’s research into infrared thermography reached NASA and Jim was told to “stop thinking terrestrially and start thinking extraterrestrial”. Jim has now been on 10 NASA scientific expeditions around the world and as worked as a Dive Team photographer for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and NASA at the Pavilion Lake Research Project in British Columbia. NASA is using his research to locate water sources on Mars such as caves and lava tubes. Google “Jim Thompson NASA” to see some his research and expeditions.

Wade Tutt

Wade Tutt has been involved in the construction and restoration industry since 1999. Wade originally started his career in residential new construction material sales but found a passion in blue print take offs and estimating. Wade was involved in the construction of thousands of homes and commercial buildings from 1999 to 2006 as an estimator, consultant and project manager. That understanding of how to decipher complex drawings and details quickly accelerated Wades passion for learning about construction methods further. Wade spent the following 8 years as a commercial materials expert in fields like roofing, framing and building envelope weatherization. Wades specialty however was commercial roofing materials and applications. 

In 2014 Wade accepted the role as the General Manger of one of the largest Public Adjuster firms in the midwest. Wade oversaw a team of 30+ Public Adjusters and in that time has supervised and adjusted over 2000 claims. Wade has the unique mix of experience as a roofing materials expert as well the vast knowledge of policy application relative to the damage that many buildings sustain. 

Wade currently holds an unlimited roofing license in Illinois. He is also Licensed Public Adjuster in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas and California.

Wade Baughn

Wade Baughn has only been in the insurance restoration business educating and training contractors on how to properly estimate projects of all sizes. His education and knowledge has earned him the respect of his peers. Amongst those who know Wade he has unbelievable ability to think outside of the box, but do so in a way that actually works. He studies the insurance restoration industry, estimating software pricing and the production side intently, always looking for new ways to engage people in a sometimes out of date model. Lots of people have great ideas; very few know how to implement them successfully. Wade does both and will teach you with a very simple and effective approach to success in the insurance restoration business. Every interaction with him is usually educational, enlightening and entertaining to say the least. Wade brings his story and knowledge with a charisma that is unsurpassed. There are few people in the industry with as much practical hands on knowledge who also intimately understands the business side of the restoration industry.

Chris “LC” Nussbeck

Chris “LC” Nussbeck started his career in roofing as a materials loader, working at a local distribution center in Kansas City. The back-breaking nature of the work urged LC (Little Chris) to think, “there has to be a better way.” In 1996, he moved on to serving as an estimator—LC’s first taste of chasing storms. He learned quickly that there’s no crying in roofing. Stumbling through his first two years as a roofing salesman, LC took his desire to never give up on his dreams and resolved to find a better way to restore roofs of homeowners across America. The next year, LC took matters into his own hands and started his own roofing company—stumbling through the first two years and mostly failing. He enlisted the support and counsel of industry experts to teach him the ropes a bit better.

LC is an industry leader and is valued as a roofing contractor, a storm restoration expert, a serial entrepreneur, an innovator, and inspiration leader and an industry pioneer. LC (Little Chris) has been featured in Contractor Magazine, Construction Today, Roofing Contractor Magazine, MRCA, and regional publications.

LC experience includes CEO Madsky Managed Repair Program; CEO/President, Madsky Roofing & Restoration; VP Sales, Accurence; CEO, 3C Network; CEO/Founder, Aspen Contracting; and Vice President Sales/Partner, Haight Construction Management Services.

Dave Carlson

Dave Carlson is a successful entrepreneur who is best known for his role as a co-founder of EagleView, an industry-leading company that invented patented software that produces 3D models resulting in aerial roof and wall measurement reports that are extremely accurate and detailed. Over eight years, the company developed into a business generating millions of dollars per year in revenue and recently sold for over $700 million.

Mr. Carlson has experience in building and growing businesses in many different facets and industries, including auto repair, construction, weather technology, and the hospitality industries. He is a leader in innovation and technology who understands the needs of insurers, contractors, and consumers. Recently, Mr. Carlson co-founded the most accurate predictive weather technology company available and it is being utilized by businesses to maintain and increase their customer base and revenue in ways never accomplished.

Mr. Carlson has spent his career implementing new ideas and techniques that radically change the paradigm of the offering and in many cases the industry.

He is a distinguished 7-year military veteran and a family man focused on being a husband and raising two boys in Texas.

Barry Morris

Mr. Morris is an FAA commercial licensed pilot, flight instructor and sUAS remote pilot. He has accumulated more than 5,000 accident free hours in over 35 different types of single and multi engine aircraft. In addition to his duties as CEO and Chief Instructor at Drone University USA, he also operates his own flight school in Sacramento, CA. Mr. Morris was recognized by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) for excellence in flight instruction for 2013, 2014 and 2015. 

Jeffrey S. Major

One of the country’s leading forensic building estimators and property claims consultants, Mr. Major has more than two decades of experience in all areas of property claims consulting and adjusting.

Prior to joining Canopy Claims Management, he founded both Major Property Consulting and Property Casualty Solutions, which served private clients as well as commercial policyholders and property/casualty insurers. Earlier, Mr. Major was president of a regional public adjusting firm established in 1953.

Previously, he was a builder and general contractor for nearly 10 years. In this role, he was involved in insurance damage restoration, including repairing and rebuilding residential and commercial properties. This experience ultimately led him to begin writing estimates and preparing inventories for insurance claims. He was recently involved in the complete rebuild of 10,300sqft fire damaged strip center and completed major renovations to 6,000sf fire damaged medical facility.

During the course of his career, Mr. Major has provided estimates for damages totaling over $200 million. He has also adjusted or consulted on more than 600 commercial claims and thousands of residential claims. Beginning with Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Mr. Major’s post-disaster work has involved virtually every major storm from Hurricane Ivan in 2004 to Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Over the years, he has served as an expert appraiser in various claim disputes, and often has served as an expert in various litigation matters. He has been certified by the courts as an expert in: building damages & estimating; personal property damages and evaluation; depreciation, The Broad Evidence Rule; policy language and interpretation; and construction defects and repairs practices.

A member of the National Fire Protection Association and the Philadelphia Insurance Society, Mr. Major is a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster in the states of New Jersey, New York, Kentucky, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia and Utah.

James Southerland

James Southerland has spent his career developing innovative solutions for a variety of companies and industries. In 1994, Southerland founded the property insurance industry’s first national third-party administration managed repair program, The PRISM Network, Inc. PRISM quickly acquired several property carrier clients and grew its service provider network to more than 2,500 in a two-year period. In 1999, the company was sold to Crawford and Company and is now known as Crawford Contractor Connection.

In 2001, he co-founded IntegResource, Inc., a commercial property emergency mitigation and restoration network serving large national property owners. The company eventually merged with Disaster Kleenup International, Inc.

Subsequently, Mr. Southerland founded First Choice Repair, the industry’s first managed repair program providing a solution for both daily and catastrophe claims. First Choice implemented many innovative techniques and processes, changing the paradigm of the manner in which catastrophe claims are managed. The company was recently acquired by Vericlaim, Inc.

Southerland recently served as CEO of MetLoop, Inc., a weather technology company, positioning the company for the next phase of evolution. He remains a shareholder and active member of the company’s Advisory Board.

During his career, Southerland has founded five different businesses, successfully fulfilling all steps in the life cycle of the business; idea, design, development, finance, capitalization, operations, expansion and exit. Southerland has over 15 years providing high level consulting for a myriad of companies and industries, with a focus on planning, strategy, mergers and acquisitions, capitalization and financing, business assessment, organizational and functional development, operations, succession planning, and exit strategies.

Today, Southerland assists businesses through his consulting efforts with The Southerland Group, Inc. Southerland is a Florida native and remains active in civic, community, and charitable endeavors.