Chris “LC” Nussbeck

CEO @ Madsky Managed Repair Program

Chris “LC” Nussbeck started his career in roofing as a materials loader, working at a local distribution center in Kansas City. The back-breaking nature of the work urged LC (Little Chris) to think, “there has to be a better way.” In 1996, he moved on to serving as an estimator—LC’s first taste of chasing storms. He learned quickly that there’s no crying in roofing. Stumbling through his first two years as a roofing salesman, LC took his desire to never give up on his dreams and resolved to find a better way to restore roofs of homeowners across America. The next year, LC took matters into his own hands and started his own roofing company—stumbling through the first two years and mostly failing. He enlisted the support and counsel of industry experts to teach him the ropes a bit better.

LC is an industry leader and is valued as a roofing contractor, a storm restoration expert, a serial entrepreneur, an innovator, and inspiration leader and an industry pioneer. LC (Little Chris) has been featured in Contractor Magazine, Construction Today, Roofing Contractor Magazine, MRCA, and regional publications.

LC experience includes CEO Madsky Managed Repair Program; CEO/President, Madsky Roofing & Restoration; VP Sales, Accurence; CEO, 3C Network; CEO/Founder, Aspen Contracting; and Vice President Sales/Partner, Haight Construction Management Services.