James Southerland

CEO @ The Southerland Group, Inc.

James Southerland has spent his career developing innovative solutions for a variety of companies and industries. In 1994, Southerland founded the property insurance industry’s first national third-party administration managed repair program, The PRISM Network, Inc. PRISM quickly acquired several property carrier clients and grew its service provider network to more than 2,500 in a two-year period. In 1999, the company was sold to Crawford and Company and is now known as Crawford Contractor Connection.

In 2001, he co-founded IntegResource, Inc., a commercial property emergency mitigation and restoration network serving large national property owners. The company eventually merged with Disaster Kleenup International, Inc.

Subsequently, Mr. Southerland founded First Choice Repair, the industry’s first managed repair program providing a solution for both daily and catastrophe claims. First Choice implemented many innovative techniques and processes, changing the paradigm of the manner in which catastrophe claims are managed. The company was recently acquired by Vericlaim, Inc.

Southerland recently served as CEO of MetLoop, Inc., a weather technology company, positioning the company for the next phase of evolution. He remains a shareholder and active member of the company’s Advisory Board.

During his career, Southerland has founded five different businesses, successfully fulfilling all steps in the life cycle of the business; idea, design, development, finance, capitalization, operations, expansion and exit. Southerland has over 15 years providing high level consulting for a myriad of companies and industries, with a focus on planning, strategy, mergers and acquisitions, capitalization and financing, business assessment, organizational and functional development, operations, succession planning, and exit strategies.

Today, Southerland assists businesses through his consulting efforts with The Southerland Group, Inc. Southerland is a Florida native and remains active in civic, community, and charitable endeavors.