Kevin Oden

Emergency Management Specialist @ City Of Dallas

Kevin Oden is a Senior Emergency Management Specialist in the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management. His duties include managing the Planning programs that exist within the City’s Emergency Management system. Part of these responsibilities include maintaining the City’s Master Emergency Operations Plan which provides operational direction across a comprehensive list of functions to be completed by the City in the event of an emergency, Leading the development of a City wide Continuity of Operations plan, and Planning for special events within the City.

Mr. Oden also serves as the Metropolitan Medial Response System (MMRS) Program Manager for the City of Dallas. Dallas’ MMRS Program has been recognized by the US Department of Homeland Security as a “Best Practice” program. Recently, he has been involved in leading a project to increase the City’s capability to respond to emergency events which require increased medical surge capacities.

Kevin has been recognized as a Certified Emergency Manager by the International Association of Emergency Managers, Master Exercise Practitioner by the Emergency Management Institute (Emmitsburg, MD), is currently enrolled in the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer program, has served in a leadership position on two North Central Texas Regional Committees, and avidly seeks new opportunities to grow Dallas’ Emergency Management Program.