Steve Slepcevic

Disaster Response Co-Ordinator @ Strategic Response Partners

Having garnered over 30 years of hands-on experience in the construction and disaster recovery industry, Mr. Slepcevic has co-founded and successfully grown Strategic Response Partners into the United States’ preeminent and largest disaster management firms.

Quick Information

  • Restored 4,000+ properties.
  • Provided expert services on 7,500+ storm & earthquake-related projects.
  • International experience in Puerto Rico, Antigua, Canada, France, Costa Rica, and Chile

Mr. Slepcevic’s career began in 1989 right upon completing courses in Architecture Design and Structural Engineering. Shortly thereafter, not only did he unveil his first contracting firm specializing in disaster recovery, but he grew this firm into one of the largest disaster recovery general contractors in the United States. While spearheading this firm, Mr. Slepcevic has led both a team of 60+ employees and a large workforce of subcontractors to handle various types of construction work performed within “wide-area” disaster zones.

To date, Mr. Slepcevic has restored more than 4,000 properties and has professionally assisted his clients as a construction expert on over 7,500 storm and earthquake-related projects. He has completed projects for major hotels and restaurants, office buildings, commercial developments, apartment buildings, community associations, and residential property owners. Relevant experiences include Hurricanes Andrew, Allison, Erin, Opel, Ivan, Charley, Katrina, Wilma, Gustav, Ike, Irene, and even “Superstorm” Sandy.

Mr. Slepcevic has, moreover, handled thousands of earthquakes, hail, tornado, wildfire, and storm-related projects as a consultant for restoration companies, public adjusting firms and attorneys both in the United States and Internationally.

Mr. Slepcevic has been routinely retained as a disaster response consultant to oversee the mitigation companies, engineers, certified industrial hygienists, roofing contractors, forensic experts, adjusters and attorneys, including being personally qualified and serving as an expert witness on cases pertaining to disaster planning, disaster response procedures, construction best practices, installation procedures, identifying physical storm, earthquake, and other types of failure analysis, including amongst others, code compliance matters. Mr. Slepcevic also has a significant amount of international experience, including commercial projects in Puerto Rico, Antigua, Canada, France, Costa Rica, and Chile.

Since the inception of Strategic Response Partners, Mr. Slepcevic has created, lived by, and managed holistic business operations with the objective to provide a top tier and premier concierge disaster management service to clients in the industry. As a result, SRPs level of communication and success on risk management, disaster preparedness, disaster response, disaster recovery, construction forensics, and providing outstanding results is unsurpassed in the industry. It is this steadfast belief and continual desire to facilitate a top-tier experience and process on behalf of property owners that ensures Strategic Response Partners will continue its exponential rise to the very top of the Disaster Management industry.

On a More Personal Note…

Although often traveling throughout the United States and Internationally on behalf of SRP’s clientele, Mr. Slepcevic currently resides in the Southern California area with his wife and children.
He is a proud sponsor of Autism Speaks, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Sketchers Friendship Walk and the American Red Cross. He enjoys surfing, skiing, and volleyball when the surf is flat.